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Our portfolio of clients has been divided into highlighted project areas to demonstrate how we provide similar functionality to a diverse group of clients. You can also see a listing of our clients, as well as solutions we have delivered and featured projects for select clients.

Our solutions address these business needs:

Auctions, Ordering Systems, Catalogs and Shopping Carts

  • Internet Store and Ordering System for Mile High Comics,"America's Largest Comics Dealer" - ii, inc. developed this integrated online store of more than 140,000 items to bring together, in a central location, the four sales divisions of Mile High Comics: back issues, subscriptions, trade items and auctions. Our work enables disparate data sources to be searched with ease and allows customers to place a single order for all types of items or create a list of out-of-stock items they are seeking and receive email notifications when the items become available. Mile High Comics now updates their inventory listing on a twice-daily basis compared with the previous quarterly printed updates. In addition, subscription data now reaches their customers one week earlier than it did before the system was in place. This system decreased staff time, improved the reliability of available inventory data, and made the updating process more efficient. The setup was originally configured to use hash tables, but as it contains around 13,000 titles, comprising 100,000 distinct items, ii, inc. migrated it to an SQL database accessed using persistent Perl/CGI scripts to achieve better performance and increase functionality, all while keeping with the client's desire for their distinct look and feel and current workflow and navigation requirements.


  • Online Catalogs and Shopping Cart Systems to Order Products Online for Guitars and Cadillacs and Kickapoo Orchard - ii, inc. created these systems, as part of our continually evolving catalog software, to enable the companies to easily update their online catalogs and reach a broader audience than can be reached by the traditional brick and mortar store alone. The system is based upon Perl/CGI script running on UNIX and Windows NT, using a backend database of product information.


  • A Good Point Online Catalog for A Good Point Fine Needlework Supplies - ii, inc. created this catalog of available inventory, which allows customers to search, preview and order items online. The online catalog has enabled the client to increase their market through online orders and provides their customers with the ease of one-stop shopping in the form of both browsing and ordering. This catalog's data is maintained via a web interface.


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Searchable Databases of Information

  • Online Travel Group Hotel Database and Reservation Systems - We have worked with the Online Travel Group for several years now, beginning with the construction of their initial site database consisting solely of hotels in France. Over the years, we have expanded the site to include hotels from around the world, and expanded the project from a single site specializing in French Hotels to over a dozen sites that now allow users to automatically check the availability of hotels and make reservations online. Part of the system interfaces with reservations systems using XML to provide the most current availability and pricing information. The administrative system allows the hotel database to be updated daily with new hotels and pricing and availability information.


  • Subscription Service for Information on Foreclosed Properties for Foreclosure World - ii, inc. created this system which enables individuals to access information on more than 500,000 property listings in various stages of foreclosure. ii, inc. developed the online database and the mechanism by which the company imports data from pre-existing sources. ii, inc. also created a member log-in system and a query and search mechanism which enables customers to view massive quantities of information in manageable chunks of data. In addition, ii, inc. created administrative screens for monitoring member statistics and manually updating the database from Access-based datasets. The transition of FCW from a supplier of information in print format to a web service has allowed them to decrease dramatically their production costs while increasing customer reach. They no longer have to print weekly listings of foreclosed properties and distribute them via mail, and can now update their site through an easy to use administrative system. The data is always current for members logging in to view it. Because distribution is no longer a major cost, they have expanded their electronic data sources.


  • Alumni Directory for the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin - ii, inc. proposed and implemented this system to allow graduate school alumni to search a database of information on fellow alumni. Information included in the database relates to employment, policy expertise, graduating class, as well as home and office address and phone numbers. This system has several benefits to the client, including replacing the previous costly print publication, mailed out annually to more than 2,000 alumni, increasing the reliability and currency of information in the database and allowing alumni to update their own records via an email form. The online system also allows alumni to search the database by a variety of factors. For example: an alumnus relocating to a new area can search not only for those alumni in the same city or state, but also for those with similar areas of policy expertise and years since graduation. Data from a mainframe is exported periodically as text files used directly by the CGI script, allowing records to be maintained on the mainframe and made accessible via the website.

    Please note: This system is password protected for the privacy of its members.

  • Video Inventory Database for Vulcan Video Rental Chain - This online database provides customers and staff with easy access to an inventory of more than 12,000 video titles and includes a film's category and store location for the video rental chain. Through this system, Vulcan Video provides a service to its customers, enabling them to search for inventory information, reducing the reliance on staff resources. This system is setup so that an exported file from Vulcan's point of sale system containing titles, genres and location can be uploaded to the webserver and processed via a Perl script into various searchable files accessed using CGI scripts. It is set up to use the native export format, and translate that into files suitable for CGI access so no manual processing is necessary.


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Content Management Systems

  • News and Information Website for KHOU, Houston, Texas CBS Television Station - ii, inc. created an extensive content management system for this site, which keeps all web information in a database administered by a single person. Using this system, a single staff member can publish part or all of the website in different versions to accommodate three browser types, based on a server module ii, inc. created to determine browser type and transparently serve the appropriate page. In addition, integrated national weather updates feed into the site for automatic weather updates. This is a Linux based system using Perl/CGI with mod_perl connecting to a separate database server. http://www.khou.com/

  • Leads Generation Website for 4 Deals Online - ii, inc., created an extensive content management system for creating forms and promotional managment for this site, along with a full-featured affiliate and information management system. Prior to the system we developed, the promotions were duplicated manually and tracking and statistics were maintained in text files. With the new system, the promotions and data are kept in a database, and available through online reports. This is an NT based system using Perl/CGI and a SQL Server 2000 database server.


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Web-based Certification Exams, Evaluations and Testing
  • Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Dynamic Testing System - AMD wanted to replace the static tests it had in use on all of its web-based training courses for its employees with dynamic tests in which different questions were presented each time a test page is called. The questions are now drawn randomly from a pool of questions and are presented in random order, so that the test is different each time it is administered. We created an Access database to store the questions, answers and correct answers, and the ASP pages and scripts necessary to administer, grade and record the test results. In addition, we created the system so that it could be easily updated and maintained by AMD staff. Access was used as the database to easily distribute testing data to different staff members for review and report generation.

    Please note: This system is located on AMD's intranet system and therefore is not accessible to the general public.

  • Computer-Based Training for Dell Computer's Intranet - ii, inc. created a full-scale education and testing system on Dell's intranet to train staff on website content skills. The system pre-tests Dell employees, offers tutorials to improve their skills and follows up with a post-test to ensure that skills were learned and can be applied. The tests are administered and maintained via web-interface on the intranet. The system enables employees to take the tests and tutorials at their convenience scheduling around normal work commitments, reduces Dell's training costs, and allows for ease of grading and recording data on employees' skill levels. This testing system uses Perl CGI on WindowsNT, connecting to an Oracle database.

    Please note: This system is located on Dell Computer's intranet system and therefore is not accessible to the general public.

  • Dell DAOT - ii, inc. created this online testing certification system for DAOT to test line workers on a variety of skills related to their jobs. Individual tests are created from a pool of questions and administered online. The results are recorded and forwarded to the appropriate supervisor. In addition, workers can access a schedule of Dell's classes which are intended to improve job-related skills. This system allows workers to test at their convenience, eases the grading and recording processes, creates a multitude of tests from the pool of questions and allows Dell supervisors to change, add and delete questions from the database with ease. Using text files for data storage, this system is run using Perl CGI on WindowsNT.

    Please note: This system is located on Dell Computer's intranet system and therefore is not accessible to the general public.

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Community Networks and Portals
  • TaylorCNET - We launched the TIF Community Network 2-funded portal for Taylor, Texas. The portal includes a community calendar, forums and polls, job listings, civic and community organization listings, bilingual portions and dynamic forms. We have worked closely with the various TaylorCNET committees as we designed and implemented the project to ensure that the portal reflects the needs of the community in both the look and feel and the functionality. We have assisted them in determining which policies and procedures need to be in place offline in order to see maximum value from their online community. ii, inc. was awarded the contract to create the portal for TaylorCNET, as part of the award to Taylor, Texas from the Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund. The TaylorCNET Portal includes a Content Management System for ease of management by the TaylorCNET staff, as well as community centered features such a bulletin board, job postings and a community calendar.


  • Gerber Baby Food Portal - We developed the backend for the main Gerber portal website, including all customer registrations, dynamic pages and product databases. For this site, we developed a unique feature called My Gerber, which allows a parent or other caregiver to log on as a registered user, and then provides the parent with personalized information from the site based upon the baby's age. For example, My Gerber will notify the parent via email when the baby is entering a new phase of development and provides information as to what the parent can expect of the child both physically and mentally during that phase. This portal encourages Gerber customer interaction and provides personalization of the website for individual users.


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Data Management and Reporting Systems
  • Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Weather Stations - AMD relies on accurate and up-to-date information on weather changes in order to comply with environmental safety standards. We created a database and data archive strategy to collect data from pre-existing weather station software for dynamic display on the web. Information includes current temperature, wind direction and velocity, and humidity as well as the ability to specify time ranges and data points. The system we created is useful in an emergency situation because it can create and implement an email notification if certain readings exceed certain thresholds. This enables employees in AMD's Sunnyvale, CA and Austin, TX facilities to respond to the weather conditions in a timely and efficient manner, and in compliance with environmental safety standards.

    Please note: This system is located on AMD's intranet system and therefore is not accessible to the general public.

  • Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Emergency Response Team (ERT) Report Collection System - AMD wanted to convert its ERT report collection from an inefficient VAX mail system to a web-based form system. The system we created allows for expanded reporting and administration capabilities, data retention of submitted forms and email notifications as appropriate. We created an administration screen to edit certain variable fields within the form as well as an email notification mechanism to send email to specified EHS personnel when a report is submitted. For this system, the input of reporting information is via a public (to AMD staff) web form, while the reporting and administration functions have controlled access. We organized the lengthy form in a logical fashion to break it into 4 consecutive pages to help the ERT member complete the report efficiently. We also provided administrative pages to report statistics on ERT incidents for use in reviewing the ERT system.

    Please note: This system is located on AMD's intranet system and therefore is not accessible to the general public.

  • The Coca Cola Company- We redesigned the administrative tool that Coca-Cola was using to coordinate the release of their public relations materials. At the time, they had difficulty coordinating the internal release of sensitive information stored in a local database with the external release of PR materials available to the public. We created the technological tools they needed to effectively manage and coordinate the release of this information.


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NOTE: The look-and-feel and content of some of these scripts may be currently maintained by the client and therefore may have been stylistically modified from the original programming product created for the client.

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