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Helping our clients grow their business is important to us, and to this end ii, inc. provides highly personalized service--creating Interactive Internet Solutions. While our clients range in size from small businesses to large multinational corporations to state and local government entities which are located across the United States and around the world, each client is a valuable customer. Our long-term clients have maintained a steady relationship with us for more than seven years, and we provide them with continued technology consultation, programming, database, and system administration services.

Our level of service and depth of expertise goes above and beyond that which others offer. More than programmers, we are technology experts who help clients ask the necessary questions required to create a Web site that truly reflects their needs. Our staff includes experienced programmers, designers and an attorney experienced in intellectual property and cyberspace issues. This blend enables us to provide the programming, as well as creative and practical advice on how to architect your Web site.

Here is what clients have had to say about our work:

MILE HIGH COMICS, America's Largest Comics Dealer

"In my 33 years in business, I have never run into any individual in a technical support role who has provided greater benefit to my company. David Bluestein, [President of ii, inc.] began helping us put together our online marketing operations seven years ago, and managed to produce miracles for us. He took the time to thoroughly familiarize himself with our company so as to design systems that were simple for our consumers to utilize, yet which simultaneously provided us with highly efficient mechanisms for generating sales. Thanks to ii, inc.'s efforts, our website is now considered the premiere online resource for comics on the entire Internet. We could not have done it without David's complete, and total, dedication to our cause."

"ii, inc. and David Bluestein have provided invaluable technical assistance to the online marketing efforts of Mile High Comics, Inc. Thanks to his innovative and technically brilliant design of our online sales efforts, we have achieved a total growth in sales of 900% since David began his relationship with us five years ago. I could not recommend him any more highly."

"I'm already hearing wonderful accolades about the improvements to the site from those who haven't used it since last Summer. These new improvements should really blow them away!"

"I am very pleased to see these critical elements of the overall program going into place,. . . improving the integration of the different elements of the site in a single search program, and converting to single user ID, will greatly enhance the speed and ease of navigation, and overall utilization of the site."

And from their customers
"Just used your on-line ordering system for the first time. Great idea. I think it will increase your sales. Makes ordering a lot easier!"

TaylorCNET Community Network Portal

"TaylorCNET is very pleased with their current business relationship with ii, inc. We originally received nine proposals concerning our portal development and five vendors were invited to give presentations to our committee. The presentation given by ii, inc. left little doubt as to the best choice for the development of our community portal."

"ii, inc. has not disappointed. Not only have they provided the services promised in their initial proposal, but they have gone the extra mile by providing experience, guidance and input as to the content and functionality of the TaylorCNET portal."

"It is ii, inc.'s goal to create a portal that reflects the personality of our community; that has been evidenced by their responsiveness to our input. They will also be playing an instrumental role in officially launching the portal by creating content that will encourage not only initial visits to our website, but repeat traffic as well. An effective Community Network portal needs to be built specifically for the community while being designed with the latest portal technology knowledge. That is exactly what we have found with ii, inc. I would highly recommend ii, inc."


"ii, inc proposed and created a system that was very easy to use, even for those of us who are not technology inclined. In addition, they created an easy to understand step by step manual that we regularly consult to maintain the system, and they have given us several "handholding sessions" to help walk us through the process. Because of ii, inc.'s efforts in working with us, we have saved considerable money and staff resources and expedited the processing time to keep the alumni database updated."

Ultimately, clients measure our value through increased brand recognition, customer satisfaction, process efficiency and market expansion.

Together, we build long-term value.

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