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The award winning design and development team at ii, inc. specializes in converting traditional static communication media into dynamic content. We offer our clients the strategic advantage of interactive flash animation, motion graphics, and 3D modeling, accompanied by our experience in superior user interface design.

Interactive Flash Animation
Our designers and developers use Flash to create compelling animations, user interfaces for the web, and for marketing CDs/DVDs. Whether it is an animation showing the intricacies of a mainframe, an interactive experience that draws in the audience, or a dynamic display of data that a user control in realtime, the experience strengthens your message and solidifies it in the mind of your customer.

Motion Graphics
Many times, projects require more than 2D design, they also need graphics with movement and interaction, such as navigation elements or the display of graphical data. Whether corporate, creative or promotional, we take your project through concept, script, modeling, animation, and production to delivery on CD-ROM, DVD, the web, or broadcast ready format.

3D Modeling and Animation
ii, inc. offers the powerful tool of 3D animations. 3D design eases information flow for demonstrations and graphic displays, especially when dealing with technical training, product demonstrations, and spatial relationships. Animated design, especially with multiple viewpoints, provides depth and detail to demonstrations and aids in comprehension of information. 3D product display offers options of animated fly through, assembly process and product reconfiguring. Virtual product display and previsualization of environments are just a couple of options available through 3D animation.

Whether expanding your Internet branding efforts or merchandising your products online, our expertise will enhance your market presence and increase your return on investment for your Web site.

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