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ii, inc. specializes in creating customized online systems for electronic trading and commerce, searchable membership databases, content management systems, web-based text conferencing systems, and other dynamic Internet-based systems needed by our clients to compete in the online market. We recognize that the Internet of today offers greater opportunities than ever, but with those opportunities come greater challenges. Our years of experience have taught us not only about the technical challenges, but also the creative and practical aspects of architecting Web sites.

Our long-term clients have maintained a steady relationship with us for more than seven years, and we provide them with continued programming, database, and system administration work on their servers as they grow their businesses.

We approach your Web site project through a set of implementation phases, beginning with Strategy Development and Specification, and moving through a tiered rollout of the functional elements of the plan. Our integration experience has taught us the critical importance of "architecting before building"-an organized approach toward strategic planning, execution and ongoing management. This is a proven methodology, tested with our satisfied clients over many years of real world experience.

ii, inc. uses both cutting-edge and proven technologies to deliver smart solutions to business challenges. Our experience in a broad range of development projects helps us formulate solutions to catch potential pitfalls before they arise. And whatever business goal we're addressing, we have the right experience in many technologies to implement the innovative solutions that will meet our clients' strategic needs.

Key Benefits of Our Solutions

  • Gives increased decision-making control to clients
  • Improves the quality of implementation
  • Allows for interoperability with existing systems
  • Provides an extensible solution for future development

To add functionality to your website beyond standard static HTML or to enhance your website's current functionality, we offer services to create dynamic, scripted portions of websites both directly to our clients and as a subcontractor to traditional web developers.

We design our applications for maintainability and ease of enhancement. The code is written so that other programmers can readily understand it and so that we can easily make future enhancements and add functionality.

The systems are generally designed with a web-based administration system so that you can easily maintain the data in the system (for example membership lists, catalog items, prices and stock availability) without having to deal with the complex code on the backend. This eliminates the need for an in-house programmer, allowing any member of your staff to easily update your site.

Whether expanding your Internet branding efforts or merchandising your products online, our expertise will enhance your market presence and increase your return on investment for your Web site.

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