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We treat Web sites and software like other business assets, and we work with you to connect our work with your business. As a team, we help you build long-term value. Ultimately, our value is measured through increased brand recognition, customer satisfaction, process efficiency, and market expansion.

We specialize in developing easy-to-use, database-enabled Internet applications that provide innovative, cost-effective solutions for any size organization. Using our project-proven methodology, we will develop and deploy your site on time and on budget.

We have created a variety of solutions including: Content Management Tools and Systems, Community and Portal Services, Project Collaboration Tools, Online Training, Testing and Evaluation Systems, Product Demos, Membership Directories, Property Listings Services, Lead Generation, Mailing List Management, Reservation Systems, and Auctions. Some of these are represented in our portfolio.

We provide a complete set of eCommerce System development skills including information and server security, custom integration, and online up-to-the minute sales reports.

User Interface
Design, particularly user interface (UI) design brings our creative products to the next level. ii, inc. provides a quality UI design which transcends the cliche of cold, lifeless technology to impress users with excitement, empowerment and reward.

More than just "pretty" wrapping on a great program, quality user interface design is the critical link between users retrieving results or not. Users react to what they see and what they can understand--a compelling, easy-to-use interface facilitates the two-way interaction between program and user. The interface is a gateway, influencing how users respond and remember the Web site experience.

Whether expanding your Internet branding efforts or merchandising your products online, our expertise will enhance your market presence and increase your return on investment for your Web site.

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