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ii, inc. develops solutions to support your Internet initiatives and business needs. Our projects, much like our clients, vary in size and complexity, but all aim to make a website more dynamic and provide easy access to information. Projects range from large searchable databases, in excess of 4,000,000 records, to dynamically generated HTML pages which enable clients to easily update the content of their websites. We provide online catalogs, auctions, ordering systems and web-based certification exams for our clients to make the Internet work for them.

For more information, view our featured projects, as well as a portfolio of select works for our different clients.

Our work involves both consulting and development to produce results that achieve your goals for your Web site.

Are you a Small Business looking for...

  • Increased revenues
  • More efficient use of staff resources
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Real time data management
  • Market research technology tools
Are you a Large Business looking to...
  • Manage large web databases, including data warehouses
  • Enable Web site personalization for your users
  • Create a full featured eCommerce Web site
  • Provide online training, testing and evaluation of your employees
Are you a Government Entity seeking to...
  • Enable eGovernment and eCommerce capability such as online billing and permits
  • Promote economic development in your area
  • Provide government information online
  • Easily maintain your Web site content with your reduced staff
  • Create an online community
Are you a Web Designer or ISP looking for...
  • Reliable design and web programming support
  • A ready-made development team
  • Database, eCommerce and programming services for your clients
If you have needs like the ones we list above, contact us to discuss our Interactive Internet Solutions!

Our Internet-based solutions help clients save money, expand their audience, increase revenues and manage large databases.

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