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High quality work and personalized service are the hallmark of ii, inc. solutions. We strive to ensure that our work provides clients with added business value, leverages the client's resources, and aids clients in their overall strategic positioning.

Business Value
Our Data Analysis & Reporting Tools let clients know how their sites are being used and how they can improve communication with and enhance services for their customers. These Business Value solutions provide relevant statistical data and analysis, and help our clients make more effective business decisions in order to increase customer satisfaction and gain greater process efficiencies. Solutions include Use Tracking Systems and Metrics as well as Customer Feedback and Interaction Capabilities.

Resource Leveraging
Several of our clients run large operations without a full-time technical staff, and others have more work than manpower available. Therefore, they need the tools that will help them to leverage their resources by automating processes and using content management systems that help free up staff members to perform critical managerial tasks. To help a client Leverage their Resources, we integrate the Web site with the client's existing technology systems and provide easy-to-use administrative tools to make site upkeep manageable. Solutions include Testing and Certification Systems, eCommerce Implementations and Membership Directories.

Strategic Positioning
We do what we do best so that our clients can do what they do best. For our clients, running their businesses is important but time-consuming. They don't have the time to sort through all possible Internet technologies. At ii, inc. we appreciate that fact. Our clients rely on us to help guide them through the morass of options, discarding the passing fads in favor of proven technologies to create customized Internet Marketing solutions that will work for them. Our level of Technology Expertise and depth of experience offers our clients the assurance that someone is looking out for their best interests while they focus on their businesses. We help our clients transition traditional businesses to the Internet and help them use the Internet to increase their online and offline Strategic Position in the market. Solutions include Search Engine Placement, Online Ad Buying and Technology Guidance.

ii, inc. offers interactive internet solutions which enable our clients to make money, reach greater audiences and streamline their business processes. As an Austin Top 25 Web Development Firm, we have the experience and qualifications that savvy clients demand to help them grow their businesses.

ii, inc. works with our clients to:
  • Provide robust interactive elements that add value and/or save money for our clients' websites.
  • Enhance the visitor's experience through well-designed user-interface.
  • Provide solutions to clients' Internet needs in a cost-effective and timely manner.
  • Enable clients to maintain their Web site content without requiring continued assistance from us, if desired.
  • Optimize client websites to gain higher placements for search engines.
We provide our clients with well designed, highly functional Web sites that provide the tools so the client can maintain the content, which is both cost-effective and efficient.

ii, inc. combines cutting-edge and proven technologies to deliver smart solutions to business challenges.

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